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Who we are

The idea of Storia

Our journey began in the 1970s, during the nascent stages of the Maldives' fashion industry. Today, a seasoned veteran from that era collaborates with a group of young talented, aspiring designers who share an unshakable dedication to advancement and a profound passion. Our mission is evident: to offer top-tier designer apparel to a diverse audience. Our ultimate goal is to solidify our position as a global fashion label powerhouse.

The beginning

As our narrative unfolds during the post-British era in the Maldives. A pivotal figure within our company began his career as a tailor at a garment factory owned by a renowned Hong Kong corporation. His remarkable talent, coupled with his creativity in design and production, propelled him to a senior leadership position, overseeing the entire operation.

Subsequently, he ventured into his own tailoring business, spanning the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and China. He leveraged his wealth of experience and kept pace with modern industry trends. Fast forward to 2020, as he approached retirement age, a group of accomplished entrepreneurial relatives approached him with a proposition: to acquire his business and retain him as a consultant for the creation of a contemporary fashion brand.

Guided by a seasoned entrepreneur, who brought together a team of gifted designers and innovators, their united goal was evident: to provide top-tier products and services with a designer's touch to a diverse audience and eventually establish a worldwide fashion brand. Consequently, today, Storia Fashion has extended its reach to various parts of the world, including the United States, and has nurtured strong business alliances with a multitude of global fashion brands.



Mr.Hussain Wisaam, Storia Fashion’s CEO, leads R&D and oversees business strategy. New Zealand-trained entrepreneur, over 18 year career, he's driven multiple innovative, multimillion-dollar ventures from scratch in Maldives, Singapore and Thailand.


Aged 75, Mr. Mohamed Didi holds dual roles as a Senior production Engineer and advisor at Storia Fashion Pvt. Ltd. With over four decades of involvement in the bespoke tailoring and fashion industry of the Maldives, he played significant roles during the 1980s at the Garment Factory under renowned Hong Kong enterprises. His extensive experience has granted him valuable perspectives on fashion trends and customer choices.


Ms.Muruath, a top craftsman nationally, she shines in design and artistry. As Business Development Executive at Storia Fashion, she channels her IT knowledge into innovative design solutions. Celebrated for her art prowess, she's also a master event planner. As Chief Development Officer at Storia, she integrates art and strategy. Now an international design consultant, she's a beacon in the global design landscape.


Mr.Nooman, the Lead Menswear Designer, is a gifted artist who has showcased an innate ability and distinctive perspective from a young age. His creative talents flow effortlessly, as he excels in various artistic endeavors, including crafting and fashion designing.


Ms.Nusra, the Lead Womenswear Designer, is another gifted individual in crafting, displaying innate talent and a unique perspective since her early years. Her creative prowess is seamless, particularly excelling in transforming designs into sewing patterns and crafts, all achieved with passion and love.


Ms.Mericris, an enthusiastic millennial, recently discovered her passion for fashion product development and marketing. Hailing from the Philippines and holding a degree in marketing, she departed her hometown to join the Storia team's mission.


Ms.Naza is an exceptional individual with a blend of IT expertise and artistic flair. Her precision and attention to detail shine in all her projects, aligning perfectly with Storia Fashion's "dot to dot" tagline. She seamlessly weaves intricate connections, embodying the ethos of creating exceptional outcomes through meticulous dedication.


Ms. Jasmine, a seasoned fabric expert, plays a pivotal role at the forefront of Storia Fashion's operations. With her wealth of knowledge, she serves customers with unparalleled information on fabrics and fashion products. Hailing from the Philippines, this graduate embodies the essence of Storia's mission, making her an invaluable asset to the team.


Ms. Dhooma, a highly trained fashion quality control expert, heads Storia Fashion's quality control division. Her role is to ensure that the company's products adhere to its core standards, providing customers with uncompromised quality.


Fashion Design

Storia Fashion's devoted designers create bespoke fashion, bringing clients' dreams to life with intricate details. We stay updated with trends, crafting memorable styling experiences for cherished memories.

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With a skilled production team and advanced machinery, we provide enduring quality. From uniforms to costumes, our bespoke manufacturing covers formal, casual, and work attire, ensuring diverse and lasting products.

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Garment Printing

Empowered by the latest garment printing machines and equipment, our skilled artists bring forth a realm of creativity. We cater to our clients' garment printing orders with an unmatched level of brilliance, perfectly aligned with our meticulous "dot to dot" service approach.

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